Forever His Girl

Memorial Tribute

The thought that someday you would no longer be here, has always saddened me. I knew there were so many milestones, celebrations, and events you’d miss once you left this side of heaven. As much as I knew your final days were near, I wasn’t prepared for your passing, I’m still processing that you’re gone. After your passing, It just seemed so wrong to be seeing Grandma without seeing you too. Your absence has left me with an unsettling feeling, because  the world just doesn’t seem right now that you’re gone. There’s a struggle going on between my heart, mind, and soul.  My soul is at peace knowing you are in a better place, you are finally at home in heaven. But as my mind tries to process your passing, my heart isn’t ready to say goodbye, because through your passing our family has suffered a great loss. Your passing has left a void in my heart.

I still miss you so much!   I’m so grateful for all the time I had with you, though it would never be enough. The health scare a few years ago was a blessing in disguise because though I never thought that I would end up being your care taker, it was one of the greatest honors of my life and acts of love that I could ever give you, next to being one of your pallbearers. From the moment I entered this world you carried me, looked after me, and cared for me. Who knew but God, that later in life I would have the pleasure of looking after you, caring for you,  and the greatest honor of carrying your body to your earthly resting place (stiletto heels in all).  I am thankful that you are finally at peace, healed, and whole..despite wishing you had instead been healed on this side of heaven, as it’s too difficult to say goodbye to you. I think I said everything I could to you while you were here. But I don’t know if everyone knew exactly how incredible you are (I can’t bare to talk about you in past tense yet). Though it was evident at your funeral service that you are even more incredible than I had already known you to be. Your life touched so many lives!

So, here are some of the memories I want to share with the world and what I want everyone to know about you…You are the most patient man, so full of grace, a gentle giant (in fact a big teddy bear) who would give the best bear hugs. You always had a smile that would light up a room and your smile touched your eyes, making them twinkle. I’m grateful that I have your smile/ dimples and am named after you! We both have a love for coffee and I still drink coffee just the way we used to make it together. As much as I had you wrapped around my finger, you’ve always had me wrapped around yours, I just adore you! You are oh so wise. When teaching me and anyone else things you always had the patience of a saint. I also appreciated your business advice later in life. You are a great story teller, I loved to spend hours listening to you talk, you always knew how to capture my attention. Even as a little girl you treated me as a big girl, letting me help you build things, though you always prefaced “safety above all”,  you never did anything that would jeopardize my safety or put me in harms way – very much my protector! I loved building the railing with you for the front porch of you and Grandma’s historic home and even more loved the white dollhouse with pink trim that you had handmade for me. I just loved spending time with you! Searching for Easter eggs in the back yard and riding bikes on the sidewalk were some of my favorite things to do when visiting you. I loved counting the the train cars as we ate frozen custard. My trips around town in your old red truck (in pristine condition, might I add) was always such a delight. I loved to hear you talk about old cars, fishing, hunting, and all your hobbies you were passionate about. It is because of your passion that I fell in love with things that hadn’t interested me before. 

Did you know how much I looked up to you? How you are the greatest man I’ve ever known! No one can fill your shoes. You always have been the perfect gentleman and treated everyone especially women and children with the utmost respect and I admire you so much because of that! You are a man of great character and have character qualities that few man exemplify these days! You leave behind an incredible legacy. You have always been well respected. You took well care of your family. Your marriage of 60+ years with Grandma has been a beautiful christian example and has set the bar high for all of us. Though meeting a Godly man like you is near impossible, God must have broken the mold when He made you, as there are none who come close to you! No one can hold a candle to you!

Your children say you are a Dad above all Dad’s. You are also a proud Grandpa, one deserving of so much praise. Your faith was a Godly example to us all, helping to mold our own faith and spiritual foundation. You didn’t drink, you didn’t swear, and you wouldn’t even watch movies that promoted violence or even movies with actors or actresses that promoted things that went against your faith, beliefs, or your love for your country. You are loyal, trustworthy, ethical, and my hero! You have always been so involved in your community and a talented jack of all trades. There wasn’t a single thing you couldn’t accomplish or do. I’ve only ever had one Grandpa, but I understand why now. No others could ever compare to you! It wouldn’t have been fair to another grandpa, he would have always fallen short next to you! God gave me the best! I am beyond blessed that He saved the best one for me! You may be gone, but you will never ever be forgotten. You truly did, “Live Each Day With Purpose” and I am grateful to be called your Granddaughter! May we all follow your example and choose in our own lives to inspire others and be impactful in the world by “Making a difference one day, one life at a time”, just like you did!

I am, have always been, and will forever be your girl!

Love you Always and Forever xoxoxo



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