Witlee Ethan is an Inspirational Speaker, Advocate, Blogger, Humanitarian, and Journalist. She’s no stranger to injustice and violence. Yet she is taking what she has endured and using those experiences to impact our world through awareness, education, and prevention.  What she has suffered is not in vain, God is making beauty from ashes. Witlee has overcome adversity and has faced injustices head on, pioneering through, with compassion and perseverance to advocate for other’s voices to be heard. She’s more than a survivor, she’s an overcomer! In October 2017 she started this ministry to establish a platform for not only her story to be shared but also to create an outlet for worldly change and to tell other’s inspiring stories.

To date she’s shared her story through social media outlets, publications, interviews, and by traveling through out the country, speaking. She is telling her story to inspire others to take their own stories and use it to help their communities to “Live Each Day With Purpose”… “Making a difference one day, one life at a time.” Witlee has found that when we share what we’ve been through with others, we not only come out stronger when we support each other but we’re also a united front when we stand together.  A sentiment that even Helen Keller shared when she coined this phrase, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 

You will find that her story is both versatile and applicable to any audience and platform and is having an impact! Garnering followers and attention both nationally and internationally. Ever since her story received media attention in October 2016, her story has been published eleven times and she has given seven interviews via a variety of news outlets. Yet, it is her story’s message of hope, forgiveness, healing, faith, and overcoming unfathomable obstacles; that she wants to be the main take away.  She will be the first one to tell you, that it is through her unwavering faith and never giving up that she is the overcomer she is today! She is not only surviving, but thriving and she is helping others to do the same!

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