Witlee Ethan’s testimony to the power of God’s grace and the courage forged by that grace to witness to truth in all circumstances but especially those that have left a deep scar on your life, show that in the end, St. John Paul II was right to declare that “beauty will save the world.” The beauty that is, of the absolute dignity of the human person, especially when that dignity has suffered a grave injustice and direct attack. This brave and undaunted woman reminds us just how much we need the light of such courage in a darkened world where the dignity of girls and women in particular is constantly disdained and disregarded by both individuals, groups and whole systems – political and social. Witlee Ethan’s work and calling now needs a much wider circle of influence so that others both women and men can take heart and hope from her story and in their turn do something concrete to make a difference.                                                                                                                 –Edmund P Adamus is the former Director for Marriage & Family Life of the Archdiocese of Westminster, England and works in the field of Catholic education,   https://edmundadamus.wordpress.com

Witlee’s courage and vulnerability in sharing her story is empowering women and reminding us how with God, we can overcome anything. She is an excellent communicator and draws people in as she shares how God turned her mess into a message!                                                               –Amy Ford, President of Embrace Grace, Inc, embracegrace.com

Witlee Ethan’s story is one of tragic violence and trauma that seems insurmountable, but her courage and hope shine through the darkness of her life’s circumstances. Her reaction to violence perpetrated against her has never been to continue the cycle of oppression: from that position of consistency, her commitment to human rights is incredibly powerful. Profoundly honest, beautifully raw, and full of joy, Witlee is a much-needed voice on human rights in our modern era so full of subtle discrimination and hidden violence.                                                    –Aimee Murphy, Executive Director of Rehumanize International, https://www.rehumanizeintl.org         

 Each life has a purpose and can make a difference. The generational pro-life message of Witlee and her family’s story demonstrates the fundamental truth that a single life impacts generations.                                   –Father Frank Pavone, National Director  of Priests For Life,  PriestsforLife.org

I came across Witlee Ethan through an article she wrote on LifeSite news. I am inspired by her courage to overcome a horrible situation and stand by her faith and God. She has a powerful story that will inspire others to do the same.  
 –Brice Sokolowski,  


Witlee Ethan’s testimony is one that shows hope to women who have been raped. Her story shows that instead of pressuring more violence onto women through the Morning After Pill, we should give them real help and counseling. Ethan’s story shows that instead of shaming these women, we need to help them. We need to show the love of Christ to women caught in these kinds of circumstances. Witlee Ethan is another courageous woman who is shining a light into this dark world.
–Christian Life Alliance,
@christianlifealliance on Instagram and Facebook


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