Published Articles

Published Articles

Silent No More: “I knew Who Held My Future”


Life Site News: “I was always pro-life, but when I was raped by my fiancé, I had a choice to make”


Live Action News: “One woman tells it all: How I chose life after being raped”


Abort73: “If my grandmother had not risked her life by threatening to jump out of a moving car, future generations … would not exist…”


Charlotte Observer: “Domestic violence victims need to be able to vote without being outed”


FaithWire: “Would You Choose Life After Getting Raped By Your Own Fiancé?” after-getting-raped-by-your-own-finacee/


Christian Life Alliance: “A Story of Pain to Hope” –  Witlee Ethan, a courageous woman who rose above her circumstances.


Spectrum News: “Domestic Violence Survivor Starts Ministry To Help Victims During Month of Awareness”


FaithWire: “What Does It Mean To Have Unwavering Faith?”


FaithWire:  “5 Dangers of Online Dating Christians Need to Know”


Rehumanize Intl: An Interview with a Victim of Police Violence: “The Blue Code of Silence” Creates Systematic Injustice Victim-of-Police-Violence-“The-Blue-Code-of-Silence”-Creates-Systematic-Injustice

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