Does He Make The List?


Have you ever made a list of all the character qualities and things you’re looking for in the right guy? I did, and I’ve used this list to guide me in dating. This list has also helped me to know what I really want. Though over the years it has changed, I’ve gone from a broader list to one thats more specific.

Below are some of mine and why.

1). He shares the same morals and values:

Why: Because when two people do not share the same morals and values it can create a rift in the relationship since your very core and foundation are based on those. Also if this person doesn’t share your morals and values, they may not understand why you have them, nor respect them. They also may try to get you to compromise them.

2). He acknowledges your worth.

Why: Often times our worth can be taken for granted and if we feel under appreciated, it can cause issues within the relationship. Those issues may cause us to be bitter and even impact our self image, because we are not getting the acceptance we long for. Know your worth! If you do, you will have the courage to get out of bad and unhealthy relationships sooner. Also a guy worthy of you will never give you reasons to question your worth, because he will constantly be reminding  you how amazing you’re and how much you mean to him!

3.) The relationship is not built on conditions.

Why: Too often control is exercised in relationships and demands are issued, especially by guys. At that point the relationship can become unhealthy, even hostile depending on  the type of demands and control issued. No one should ever control who you are. They shouldn’t threaten dissolution of the relationship if you don’t bow to their demands. Love should be unconditional, not conditional and not based on what you will or won’t do for them.

4.) He has a servants heart.

Why: How he treats others says a lot about his character and speaks volumes to how he will treat you. Someone who is giving back, cares about others, sees a need and meets that…shows he is respectful. This also shows that he is not arrogant and does not feel he is above helping others. If he is willing to be there for others, think how much more he will be willing to be there for you.

5.) Makes your relationship a priority and puts you first.

Why: Relationships take work and if you want to be in one you both need to make it a priority and learn to put each other first, second to God of course! That does not mean that you’re catering to each others every whim or that he has the right to control you and vice versa. What this means is you make time for each other. You listen more than you talk. If one expresses concern over something you take that into consideration. You do things for the other just to put a smile on their face. In fact when you put the other first you’re being selfless not selfish.


So does he make the list? If not, don’t settle! You are valuable. You deserve to be loved unconditionally. You are worth so much more….



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