Live Each Day With Purpose…

Welcome to “Live Each Day With Purpose”! The “purpose” of this website and blog is to educate and spread awareness on many controversial issues that impact our health & well being, safety, liberty, justice, and life.

A little bit about me, I’m a Speaker and an Advocate (go to my Bio to learn more) and I do what I do to give  a voice to your stories and the injustices happening in this world. This blog will be real and transparent, but in order for us to see change surrounding these issues, we have to first start talking about them.

More importantly, this website and blog is all about the importance on how to “Live Each Day With Purpose” and on here I will share just how to do that.

So here are some things to know…

1. Every Week, I will post a new blog.

–I have some great blog posts that are set to be posted within the next few weeks, including some collaboration posts. I hope these blog posts will encourage and inspire you.

2. Resources Page.

–This page will be added at a later date with information about organizations that are doing some amazing work and whose work either has ties/aligns with my ministry and this website/blog, or who I have personally worked with and/or collaborated with in some capacity.

3. Contact info.

–To contact me to either book me for a speaking engagement, interview,  or to connect with me for resources, tell me your story, etc, go here.

4. Video Series.

I started a video series on various topics through my twitter account and those video series’ will continue via this website.


I look forward to hearing from you!


“‘Making a difference one day, one life at a time”!


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