Dynamic Opportunities vs. Dangerous Ones

For those of us, especially women whom are public figures. When men reach out to us after seeing an interview we’ve given,  it could be for a business collaboration. Yet, often times it can be more sinister along the lines of him reaching out because he has dishonorable intentions or an agenda! Recently this happened to me! Within an hour of my interview airing on the News, a man who travels around the country raising funds for his outreach ministry had reached out to me via email (see picture below) with a dynamic opportunity. Only for it to become apparent pretty quickly that his intentions were for something other than business.

We spoke about business via phone, email, and texts and below is one of the texts he sent me right after our first business call, the content of his text completely out of left field (see below) and caught me off guard. He would mention dating a few times during our communication. He even asked me out on a date during our first business call. I would quickly realize that he didn’t know the boundaries of a business relationship, but at the same time it seemed he was not interested in business but of an intimate relationship as he would just start discussing sex and making numerous comments on my physical appearance and what he thought about my looks and how he felt an instant connection with me. His inappropriate behavior would only escalate and progress through any and all communication (email, phone calls, and texts). Making me feel very uncomfortable and sick regarding the situation. He would claim we would discuss business, yet divert the conversation to off topic and inappropriate talk. He came across as creepy with stalker like tendencies and the nature of his conversations were that of sexual harassment.

I write about this as a warning to other women because some opportunities, regardless  of as dynamic as they may seem are really dangerous ones when the opportunity is presented from someone of the opposite sex. His advances were unwanted! The comments he made about my body and the references to sex were beyond inappropriate! His behavior not only made me sick to my stomach but extremely uncomfortable. I know I am not alone in this! That I am not the only woman, men have used a business opportunity as a way to build a connection with, to get close to, to cross lines with , and exert control over through fear, intimidation, or through trying to build an emotional connection with. I know Im not the first victim he has preyed on and probably won’t be the last one. I have concerns as he has access to young females through his outreach ministry. His behavior is unpredictable and I don’t know what he is capable of and may do next.

I realize he very well may read this – as he has mentioned to me that he reads my blog. He knows who he is and my message to him is that his behavior and unwanted advances are not ok and I will not stay silent regarding what he did and no other woman, none of his other victims should have to either! So, to the women out their going through a similar situation – know you’re not alone! Take note of the red flags, take necessary safety precautions, be mindful of your intuition,  and seek help if necessary. If you want to reach out to talk or share your stories, I can listen – here is my email for that. Witlee.Ethan@outlook.com


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